How to Add NutGain Token to your Metamask Wallet

Assuming that the user has already created his Metamask wallet and has Binance Smart Chain Network selected in the Metamask wallet.

Step: 1 Go to the website and copy the NutGain contract address highlighted in red.

Step:2 Go to Assets and click on “Import tokens”

Step 3: Paste the NUTGV2 address to the “Token Contract Address” rest of the details will appear by themselves if wait a second. And click on “Add Custom Tokens”.

NutGain (NUTGV2) Contract Address: 0xb149b030cfa47880af0bde4cd36539e4c928b3eb

Please do double-check the token address from — the website or BscScan

Step 4: Click on Import Token

Information Disclaimer

The information given above is for instructive purposes only. Please ensure you have double-checked for relevancy and correctness of the information at designated sources like Website and/or on BscScan.

Any potential issues arising due to the information not being verified would not be a matter of concern for the NutGain Team.

For more information, you should visit us either on our website or on our official Telegram Channel.



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